2. Challenge - Blind Balloons

Dear Run Archers,
the following challenge is inpired by an exercise to keep focus on your archery technique and your body during the shot. This is shooting "blind". Especially, shooting on short distance in this way is perfect to concentrate on the technique and the feeling. And this is what this challenge is about, plus having some luck to get the arrows to the right balloons ;)

Here are the rules for the upcoming challenge:
-    Print the balloon-target on A4 size paper (click here for the target Download!)
-    Shoot 6 arrows on 4 meter distance (please make sure that your shooting range is safe)
-    Shoot your arrows "blind" – this means: close your eyes just before full draw and keep them close until you have released
-    Sum up the points of the balloons you hit – if you scratch two balloons with one arrow, the balloon with the higher score counts
-    Send a picture with your best result to runarchery.germany@web.de until the 31st May

Name Result (points)

1. Gabi Jansen (Netherlands)


2. Jenny Kröcher (Germany)


3. Jonne Besselink (Netherlands)

4. Philipp Baur (Germany) 210
5. Walter Hoppach (Germany) 200
6. Daniel Eppingbroek (Netherlands)  90
7. Joost Immink (Netherlands)


8. Ruud ten Have (Netherlands)


9. Henri Polman (Netherlands) 40
10. Niklas Krause (Germany) 10 
11. Cornelia Borchers (Germany) 0
12. Jeroen (Netherlands) -40
13. Jan Wassink (Netherlands) -170